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Sliding Door Repair

Melbourne’s Choice For Sliding Door Repairs. Slide With One Finger Or It’s Free! Fast, Reliable & Professional Service. Experienced & Fully Qualified Team. Call Us Now! 100s of Happy Customers. Melbourne Wide Service. Authorised Suppliers. Multiple Payment Options. Professional Service. There’s a reason we’re the go-to name for sliding door repairs across Melbourne.

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How To Repair a Sliding Door?

Next time you are having trouble with your sliding door, stop and look at the track. Look at the ends where it is undamaged, then follow it back and see the damaged flat spots, dints and splits. This damage that will rip your door rollers apart no matter how many times you pay to replace them. We fix aluminium glass sliding doors, we don’t repair broken glass, wardrobe doors, shower screen, windows, cavity doors or internal doors.



SAVE OVER $1,200!

* Includes 10 year guarantee on Track and rollers

Permanently fix the track, or the maintenance costs will pile up

Don’t pay to replace the entire door frame for well over $1500. Call We Fix Sliding Doors and from $450 we will:

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the lasting benefits of our sliding door repair services and solutions.

Customer Video Testimonials:
See the Difference!

Curious about the effectiveness of our sliding door fixes? Watch our customer video testimonials and hear directly from happy customers who have experienced the transformation firsthand. From stuck and noisy doors to seamless gliding, our solutions have made a real difference in their daily lives. Get inspired and see the difference our services can make for your sliding doors.

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Professional Services in Sliding Door Roller & Track Replacement

When it comes to faulty sliding doors, the issue usually lies with the roller or the track. While they may cause a seemingly serious problem, like keeping your sliding doors from opening, the solution rarely requires a complete replacement service. At We Fix Sliding Doors we are proud to be a leading provider of sliding door track and roller replacement services, helping to save our customers time and money on extensive sliding door replacements, and leaving them with years of reliable and unbeatable service. Give us a call today to speak with a member of our experienced and friendly team about a tried and tested sliding door roller and track replacement and repair service.

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The Name to Call For a Trusted Fix on Your Sliding Door

Looking for a comprehensive and cost-effective fix for your sliding door? Then you have come to the right palace.

Here at We Fix Sliding Doors our team has been delivering tailored and effective repair solutions to customers across Melbourne’s many suburbs for more than 20 years.

So when you’re in need of a proven and professional fix for a sliding door, don’t hesitate to call the reliable team here at We Fix Sliding Doors on 0404 863 243.

Slide with one finger or it’s free!

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