A sliding door that won’t slide is a bit like that one guy you work with who has literally one job to do, and yet he still messes it up, time and time again. All your door has to do is move one way, and move the other… what on Earth is so hard about that?! Cool […]

Sliding doors are like people. They have their own individual personalities. Some are trustworthy and reliable. Some are easy to work with. Some are always there for you when you need them most. And others? Well, they can be stubborn, rigid, or downright frustrating to be around! But unlike people, even the most stuck-in-its-ways sliding […]

When it comes to home repairs, there are generally three types of people: 1) those who get onto home repairs immediately, 2) those who leave repairs for as long as possible, and finally go for a cheap, band-aid fix and 3) those who never get around to doing them at all! If you’re goal is […]

You care about your family’s safety, so you decide to invest in beefing up your home security. You go all out. You install cameras everywhere, a high-tech alarm system and laser beams that neutralise intruders should they do as much as breathe on your property. You go back inside after admiring all the work you’ve […]

When you’re experiencing a problem with any part of your home, you’ve got two options: fix it right away, or ignore it and hope that it magically solves itself. It’s like when you hear a weird noise coming from your car engine and you solve it by turning up the music; sadly, there’s only so […]

Any door that isn’t working properly presents a right, ol’ pain in the neck. From doors that squeak horribly when opening and shutting, to doors that don’t quite close properly, to bathroom doors that don’t have a lock on them (seriously?!), there’s never a good time for door problems. And then, there’s the holy grail […]

Contrary to how you may be feeling in the moment, a sliding door doesn’t just become difficult to slide just to spite you… although we understand that being a home or business owner, it can certainly feel like spite at times! Just ask Basil Faulty from Faulty Towers how he might feel. The real reason behind your […]

We know what it’s like when you need home repairs. We put up with something like a jammed-up sliding glass door for months, hoping the problem will magically go away – but instead of this happening, it gets worse. The next thing to be put off is looking for a quote to fix it, having […]

Glass sliding doors have literally one job: to open and close. Maybe three if you count locking. So, it’s incredibly frustrating that when an object has so few tasks on its hands, it decides to not do them. Such is the case with a stuck slider! But the good news is that there’s a simple […]

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