How Do I Get My Sliding Glass Door To Slide Again?

Some tasks are just impossible, even if there’s a product on the market that says they can achieve it. Hair loss products, DVD scratch removers, and all of those silly exercise devices which promise weight loss by ‘not even lifting a finger’ are all basically a waste of money.

But while you most likely won’t ever be able to remove that scratch on your favourite CD (which is why they invented Spotify), you certainly can get your sliding glass door back to a state of functionality.

How do we do this? Let’s talk to the specialists at We Fix Sliding Doors!

Clean out the tracks

Sometimes, a little vacuum is all your sliding glass door needs to be able to slide open and shut again. You may be able to help the situation slightly by vacuuming out the tracks on your own, but if this doesn’t improve the situation, just call a professional from We Fix Sliding Doors. Debris such as dirt, dust, leaves and anything else can easily get caught in your sliding door over time. The specialists from We Fix Sliding Doors remove your door and inspect the tracks, cleaning out all debris and making your door slide like new again.

Apply lubricant

If your glass door has been jammed up recently, it could also be a matter of lubrication. Your sliding glass door needs to be sufficiently lubricated so that the rollers run across the tracks smoothly. A professional from We Fix Sliding Doors can take care of this in no time. Using the right door lubricant, they service all parts of your door with care and precision.

Adjust the rollers

If you own a car, then you probably know what a wheel alignment is, understand its importance and have had one carried out on your vehicle before. On your sliding door, a wheel alignment may also be necessary to make it slide smoothly once again. These wheels carry the weight of your whole door, so it’s not uncommon for them to become misaligned every now and then. We Fix Sliding Doors can realign or replace rollers on your glass sliding door.

Track replacement

If your track is quite obviously bent, we urge you not to get yourself into a panic – there’s something that can be done about it! You won’t even need to replace your sliding door and frame, which your Google searches may have told you is necessary. We Fix Sliding Doors offer a Miracle Track Cover which goes right over the top of your existing track, saving you thousands on a replacement. We Fix Sliding Doors are your first point of call for sliding door problems. Servicing Melbourne and surrounds, We Fix Sliding Doors guarantee that you’ll save money by repairing your door, instead of replacing it. Grab a quote from the guys today and slide your problems away!

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