How Do You Fix A Sliding Door That Doesnt Move?

When Mick Jagger is feeling a bit sore and tight and can’t do his signature dance moves while performing with the Stones, he takes some an Advil and keeps going. But strangely enough, when your sliding door has trouble moving, it can be a lot harder to fix. How on Earth is it easier to get a 79-year-old dancing non-stop for 3 hours, than it is to get a sliding door move? We have no idea.

But we do know how to fix this little sliding door problem that you have. In this post, the professionals from We Fix Sliding Doors explain a few tricks of the trade to get your door moving again.


If there’s one thing Aussies rely on to carry out any home repair task, it’s a good ol’ lubricant spray. A sliding door that doesn’t move may be fixed with a touch of lubricant, like WD-40 – something most of us have lying around at home. With the long red tube attached, insert it under your sliding door as far as possible, and then spray while drawing the can back. This gives you the maximum possible coverage of loosening up a jammed roller, or rusty piece of track – if that’s the problem.

Track clean

If you can’t remember the last time you vacuumed your sliding door tracks, then it could certainly be an indicator that your door doesn’t move because of it. All sorts of debris gets caught in your sliding door tracks, and if not vacuumed regularly enough, it can accumulate to the point of jamming your door. It’s best to call a professional though, because they’ll remove your sliding door and give you track a total clean, rather than just half of it.

We Fix Sliding Doors

Still got sliding door problems? Time to call in the big guns! We Fix Sliding Doors are the team you should have on speed dial when your sliding door won’t move. Their services include:

  • Door removal and inspection
    To diagnose the issue, a door technician has to remove the door and give it a full inspection.
  • Roller replacement and repair
    If your rollers are jammed, then a professional can fix them up in no time.
  • Miracle Track Cover replacement
    And for more serious cases, the guys at We Fix Sliding Doors use stainless steel for their Miracle Track Cover, which goes over your old, lesser-quality aluminium tracks, essentially giving you a brand new sliding door track for a fraction of the cost.

We Fix Sliding Doors will take your sliding door from frail and sore to ‘Moves Like Jagger’ in the blink of an eye! We Fix Sliding Doors are Melbourne’s expert team of technicians, and are highly trained and experienced in the art of fixing immovable sliding doors. Saving you thousands on a door and track replacement, We Fix Sliding Doors are happy to offer competitive pricing for their Melbourne locals. Get in touch with the team today!

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