How Do You Fix A Sliding Door That Wont Slide?

Don’t you hate it when your toast falls butter-side down? Or when you can’t find the sticky end of the sticky tape? Or when you leave your phone on charge, only to discover an hour later that it wasn’t plugged in properly?

All of these first-world problems are a walk in the park compared to one thing: a sliding door that doesn’t slide properly. It’s the equivalent of feeling all of the times you stubbed your pinky toe, combined.

But don’t just roll around on the floor in agony when your sliding door won’t slide properly! You’ve got to do something about it – like giving the team at We Fix Sliding Doors a call. In this post, we walk you through some of our top techniques that we use to get your sliding door back in its tracks.

Remove the door from the track

The first thing that a professional will do is remove the sliding door from the track. This gives them a better view of what exactly is going wrong with your sliding door.

Check the rollers

Checking the rollers is a big one. A professional door technician will inspect your rollers, as they’re a main component which helps the sliding motion of your door. If they look bent, jammed or broken, your sliding door expert will replace these rollers with a fresh set of kicks.

Inspect and clean the tracks

Another issue with your sliding door may be due to the tracks. Over time, it’s not unusual for your sliding door to collect a whole bunch of dust, dirt, pebbles, food scraps (gross), bus tickets (we’ve seen it plenty of times before), along with any other debris that blocks up the way. Removing the door allows your professional to clean out the tracks, or replace them if necessary.

Replace the tracks

Here’s a little trick up our sleeves: replacing your bent, worn-out or dysfunctional sliding door tracks with new ones. With a procedure like this one, you want to be sure you’re getting a quality track to go over your old one. That’s why the guys at We Fix Sliding Doors only use stainless steel for their Miracle Track Cover, which goes over your old, lesser-quality aluminium tracks.

Fixing a sliding door couldn’t be easier. Call the crew at We Fix Sliding Doors in Melbourne, explain your problem, put the kettle on and watch them work their magic on your sliding door… while saving thousands of dollars on a replacement. Don’t believe what the sliding door shops tell you: you can get your sliding door fixed! Get in touch with the pros at We Fix Sliding Doors to give your door the TLC it needs.

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