How Do You Fix A Stuck Slider?

Glass sliding doors have literally one job: to open and close. Maybe three if you count locking. So, it’s incredibly frustrating that when an object has so few tasks on its hands, it decides to not do them. Such is the case with a stuck slider!

But the good news is that there’s a simple way to fix a slider that won’t slide. Stuck, jammed, heavy or hard-to-move sliding doors are the specialty at We Fix Sliding Doors, so let’s consult the team and find out how to fix them!

How to fix a stuck slider? Call a professional technician!

When you’ve got a stuck slider on your hands, there’s only one true way to permanently fix the problem, and that’s to call one of the legends at We Fix Sliding Doors. The experts at We Fix Sliding Doors have years of experience behind them, and have seen every stuck slider problem in the book. Here’s how a professional technician works their magic to fix a sliding glass door that’s become stuck:

  • Professional track clean
    The problem might just be that your sliding glass door track has accumulated dust, dirt and debris over the years, causing it to become stuck. A professional sliding door technician removes the door, inspects the track and gives it a solid once-over, removing all the debris and making it brand new again.
  • Roller repairs and service
    Imagining driving your car around with a flat tyre. Wouldn’t be the smoothest ride, would it? That’s exactly what you experience when one of your rollers is stuck. To fix this, your sliding door technician inspects the rollers and makes a repair or replacement if necessary.
  • Track replacement

    When you go to an ordinary sliding door retailer, they’ll most likely tell you that your stuck slider, along with your entire track, needs replacing. Hogwash, we say! Sure, your tracks may have become bent or warped over time, causing permanent issues with your sliding door. But the team at We Fix Sliding Doors have the answer: they place a new, stainless steel Miracle Track Cover over your old tracks so that your door slides better than ever. Talk to the team if you think this may be the solution.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do anything to fix a stuck slider. Leave that job for the specialists at We Fix Sliding Doors! We Fix Sliding Doors will take your sliding door from stuck-in-a-rut to life-in-the-fast-lane in no time. They’re Melbourne’s expert team of technicians, and are highly trained and experienced in the art of fixing immovable sliding doors. Saving you thousands on a door and track replacement, We Fix Sliding Doors are happy to offer competitive pricing for their Melbourne locals. Get in touch with the team today!

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