How Do You Unjam A Sliding Door?

Jams are the worst, aren’t they? Traffic jams. Finger-in-car-door jams. Your partner’s first attempt at making strawberry jam, which turned out horridly but they’re still enthused about, and planning to make more. Whenever you hear the word ‘jam’, it’s no wonder that you probably grimace.

And adding to that list of negative connotations? A sliding door that won’t unjam. This is perhaps one of the most frustrating first-world problems to exist. But luckily, the team at We Fix Sliding Doors are going to do what they do best in this post – run you through some ways to unjam a sliding door!

Use some lubricant

Ahhh, yes. WD-40. One of the two things most of us Aussies rely on to perform home repairs, along with duct tape. One easy thing you can try to unjam a sliding door is to grab a can of WD-40 and give it a little spray. Get the long red tube attachment, and insert it under your sliding door as far as possible, and then spray while drawing the can back. This gives you the maximum possible coverage of loosening up a jammed roller, or rusty piece of track – if that’s the problem.

Vacuum the tracks

While it’s most effective to vacuum the tracks when a professional has removed your door, you’ll sometimes find that this helps a little to unjam a sliding door. Fully open your sliding door, grab your vacuum and vacuum the tracks. Of course, it may not have any result, because the problem could be to do with the rest of the track, occupied by your sliding door.

Call a professional

It’s likely that there’s a bigger problem on our hands than just a tight roller or dirty track. If you still can’t unjam your sliding door, then it’s time to call a pro. At We Fix Sliding Doors, the team can get your door back in action with zero fuss:

  • Door removal and inspection
    A door technician removes your sliding door and checks out what’s under the hood.
  • Roller replacement and repair
    Rollers are a common cause of strife, so this is one of the first things that’s checked.
  • Miracle Track Cover replacement
    Still no dice? The guys at We Fix Sliding Doors only use stainless steel for their Miracle Track Cover, which goes over your old, lesser-quality aluminium tracks, essentially giving you a brand new sliding door track for a fraction of the cost.

Unjamming a sliding door couldn’t be easier when you’ve got the legends at We Fix Sliding Doors in Melbourne. Explain your problem, put the kettle on and watch them work their magic on your sliding door… while saving thousands of dollars on a replacement. Don’t believe what the sliding door shops tell you: you can get your sliding door fixed! Get in touch with the pros at We Fix Sliding Doors to give your door the TLC it needs.

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