How Much Does It Cost To Replace Rollers On A Sliding Glass Door?

We know what it’s like when you need home repairs. We put up with something like a jammed-up sliding glass door for months, hoping the problem will magically go away – but instead of this happening, it gets worse.

The next thing to be put off is looking for a quote to fix it, having that gut feeling that it won’t be pretty. But if you’ve just started looking, then you’ve come to the right place because, here, we tell you the truth about how much it costs to replace the rollers on a sliding glass door… so you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of getting a hundred different overpriced quotes from sliding door retailers!

Replacing rollers versus replacing the whole door

If you’ve already shopped around at sliding door retailers and asked about getting a replacement door, you’re probably still recovering from the shock of learning how much they cost. Yep, you can pay well over $1500 for sliding door replacements. We can think of plenty of better ways to spend a grand and a half!

But the thing is, you don’t need to replace the whole sliding glass door. Your current door’s other components are most likely totally fine, and it’s just your rollers which need replacing. And if you were to replace the whole glass sliding door, then your rollers would most likely wear out in a few years’ time anyway, so it literally gets you nowhere further to replace the whole door.

Cost of replacing your rollers on a sliding glass door

The great news about replacing rollers on a sliding glass door is that you can usually get away with a couple hundred bucks’ worth of work, and your door is completely functional once again. That means you can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a sliding glass door replacement, simply by calling the team at We Fix Sliding Doors and opting for their roller replacement service.

Further issues: track damage

There’s always a chance that it’s not your rollers but your track itself. When this is the problem, most sliding door retailers will swoop in and say you definitely need a door and frame replacement. Lies, lies and more lies! With a Miracle Track Cover from We Fix Sliding Doors, your problem will be 100% fixed simply by placing a new set of tracks over your damaged existing ones. Simple as pie! A service like this begins at $297, while a door and frame replacement can literally cost thousands. We Fix Sliding Doors will take your sliding door from stuck-in-a-rut to life-in-the-fast-lane in no time. They’re Melbourne’s expert team of technicians, and are highly trained and experienced in the art of fixing immovable sliding doors. Saving you thousands on a door and track replacement, We Fix Sliding Doors are happy to offer competitive pricing for their Melbourne locals. Get in touch with the team today!

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