How Repairing a Sliding Door Can Prevent Further Damage

When you’re experiencing a problem with any part of your home, you’ve got two options: fix it right away, or ignore it and hope that it magically solves itself.

It’s like when you hear a weird noise coming from your car engine and you solve it by turning up the music; sadly, there’s only so much that Michael Bublé can fix, and he’s certainly not a qualified mechanic.

If your sliding door is giving you a migraine, then it’s only going to get worse as time goes by. By calling a pro and getting it repaired, you’re preventing further, costlier damage in the future.

In this post, the gurus at We Fix Sliding Doors are talking everything doors, damage and ant colonies… yep, you read that right!

Preventing roller damage

Think of it like this: your rollers are a team of little ants. They work hard, and they work as a pack. If one of the little ants stops working, then the others have to pick up the slack, putting strain on the whole colony.

If you have one or two rollers that are jammed up, then each time you slide your door open and shut, you’re putting excess strain on the other rollers, too, meaning it’s only a matter of time before your entire roller mechanism needs replacing.

Keep that little ant colony happy by repairing a dodgy roller before you have to replace the whole darn thing.

Preventing track damage

If your rollers are a colony of ants, then your track is the hive where they work. A bung roller doesn’t just affect the rest of the rolling system, but it can damage the track, too. Each time you open and close a faulty sliding door, you’re likely causing damage to your tracks. Whether you’re slowly grinding the track and making it uneven, or causing the track to bend or warp, you can guarantee that your track will need replacing after a while.

A track replacement costs more than a simple roller replacement, so it’s best to nip the problem at the bud, while it’s still manageable.

Preventing glass damage

Got a crack in your sliding glass door which has you slightly concerned? Get it checked out by a professional before your whole door does a Peter Parker and resembles a spiderweb. This kind of damage can cost big bucks if it gets out of hand!

Don’t risk further damage to your beloved ant colo-, uh, we mean, sliding glass door. Get it fixed by We Fix Sliding Doors! We Fix Sliding Doors have seen all kinds of glass door problems, and solved them fast, effectively and affordably. Just call the team, chuck the kettle on and watch them work their magic on your sliding door, and save thousands of dollars on a replacement. Sliding door retailers aren’t telling the truth when they say you need a replacement. Get in touch with the pros at We Fix Sliding Doors to give your door the TLC it needs.

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