How To Fix A Sliding Door Lock That Isnt Working

You care about your family’s safety, so you decide to invest in beefing up your home security. You go all out. You install cameras everywhere, a high-tech alarm system and laser beams that neutralise intruders should they do as much as breathe on your property.

You go back inside after admiring all the work you’ve done, and try to close your sliding door. The lock isn’t working.

Often, it’s the simple things we should focus on before we get carried away with the over-ambitious! Fixing a sliding door lock should be at the top of your to-do list. A broken sliding door lock poses a threat to your home’s safety, and potentially voids any insurance policies should a burglary occur because of it.

So, let’s solve that problem right away. Here’s how to fix a sliding door lock that isn’t working, and beef up your home security without spending a bazillion dollars on laser beams.

Spray it with a lubricant

Sometimes, the problem with your sliding door lock is as simple as lubricating it. If your door lock won’t budge, or your key is difficult to get in the hole, grab some WD40 and give it a little spray. This lubricates the keyhole, and allows the mechanism to move smoothly.

Door misalignment

Just like a trip to the physio because your back or hips feel misaligned, your sliding door may need a visit from a professional because it’s also a little out of whack! If you’ve got a door that doesn’t seem to close fully, and therefore isn’t locking, then it’s a job best left to a professional from We Fix Sliding Doors.

The problem could stem from your door being jammed, and the first thing your technician will do is remove the door and ‘take a look under the hood’. Here, they may clean out your tracks, replace your rollers or look for further signs of damage that can affect your lock.

Track replacement

Similar to a human body, the cause of your sliding door problems may not be reflected in the symptoms. For example, if you’ve got a sore back, the problem could actually be that you’ve got tight glutes that need stretching! The reason your sliding door lock isn’t working could be due to a problem with the track.

If your track needs work, We Fix Sliding Doors can help you out. They use stainless steel for their Miracle Track Cover, which goes over your old aluminium tracks, essentially giving you a brand new sliding door track for a fraction of the cost.

We Fix Sliding Doors have seen all kinds of glass sliding door problems, and solved them fast, effectively and affordably. They’re known all across Melbourne for their friendly service, fantastic quotes and, most famously, their guarantee that if you can’t slide your door with one finger after they’ve repaired it, then it’s free! Grab a quote for your broken sliding door lock today.

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