How to Fix a Sliding Door Thats Hard to Open

Sliding doors are like people. They have their own individual personalities. Some are trustworthy and reliable. Some are easy to work with. Some are always there for you when you need them most.

And others? Well, they can be stubborn, rigid, or downright frustrating to be around!

But unlike people, even the most stuck-in-its-ways sliding door is able to change very easily.

If your sliding door is giving you a headache and is hard to open, keep on reading! We Fix Sliding Doors have the solution.

Lubricating the rollers

Tired, unmotivated, hazy when you wake up in the morning? Easy, just drink some coffee. When your sliding door has the same kind of symptoms, we serve it a different kind of beverage: lubricant. Lubricating your sliding door rollers may be the answer to a sliding door that’s hard to open. If a sliding door is insufficiently lubricated, it’ll likely be squeaky or hard to move.

When a sliding door technician lubricates your door’s rollers, the results will be instant. Immediately, your door will be up-and-at-‘em, ready to face any task – a bit like you after your first sip of coffee!

Cleaning the tracks

If your sliding door is hard to open, it could be a matter of dirty tracks. You’d be surprised what a professional sliding door technician finds when cleaning out old, dirty tracks: clumps of hair, gumnuts, lolly wrappers, Pokémon cards, coins… if only a winning lottery ticket would present itself one day!

Until then, we’ll keep cleaning out dirty sliding door tracks, clearing the way and letting your door move freely once again.

Replacing the rollers

Imagine it’s the 1980s once again, and you’re big into roller blading, like everyone was back then. You’re not going very far if your rollers are bent, are you, my righteous dude?

Sliding door rollers can experience the same problem. In some cases, extra lubricant won’t cut it; for rollers that are damaged, they’ll need replacing. This is an inexpensive process which a sliding door technician can complete in no time, so you can roll away like the bodacious spunk you are. Cowabunga!

Miracle Track Cover

If your tracks have sustained damage, then some people will tell you it’s curtains for your sliding door and frame, costing you thousands on a replacement. Not so fast, Sonny Jim! We Fix Sliding Doors are authorised installers of the Miracle Track Cover, which goes over your current bent tracks, and essentially gives you brand new ones. Starting at just $450, the Miracle Track Cover can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

A door that’s hard to open is easily fixed by We Fix Sliding Doors. As Melbourne’s friendliest, most experienced (and best-looking) team of sliding door legends, they take pride in their workmanship and simply love saving you thousands of dollars on a door replacement. Call the team and grab a quote today!

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