How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door That Sticks

We humans find ourselves in sticky situations all the time. Flat car battery when you’re out and about. Bank card isn’t working when we go to pay for groceries. Ice-cream melting faster than you can eat it on a hot day. And for every sticky situation we encounter, there’s almost always a solution to un-stick it.

That brings us to the point of fixing a sliding glass door that sticks like glue every time you try to open or close it. Why is it doing this? What on Earth made it sticky in the first place? And how the heck do you fix it? Today, We Fix Sliding Doors address all of these questions and show you how to fix a sliding door that sticks.

Clean the tracks

The first way to handle this sticky little problem is to give the tracks a good clean. (Just a heads up – this usually needs to be done by a professional, who’s able to remove your sliding glass door and clean the whole track. Otherwise, you can just try to clean the first half of the track while the door is in the open position.) Vacuum up any debris that your sliding glass door track is holding, and then grab a bucket of hot, soapy water. Wipe down the tracks with the soapy water solution and a damp cloth, and dry them with a separate cloth straight afterwards. This should help to get rid of some of that sticky stuff that’s clogging up your sliding glass door.

Use a lubricant

There are various lubricants that have grease-cutting agents which can also prove effective on a sliding glass door that sticks in its tracks. WD-40 is a common one, and it’s fine for light use on your sliding glass door track. Apply some of the lubricant using the long thin tube attachment – you may find this helps to alleviate that stickiness.

Enlist the help of a professional:

If this problem is ‘sticking’ around (pardon the pun), then give the team at We Fix Sliding Doors a call:

  • Removing your sliding door
    A professional is able to find the cause of a sticky sliding door and take effective measures to handle it.
  • Roller replacement and repair
    If your rollers are jammed, then a professional can fix them up in no time.
  • Miracle Track Cover replacement
    Your tracks could be bent, causing the sliding glass door to stick. The guys at We Fix Sliding Doors use stainless steel for their Miracle Track Cover, which goes over your old, lesser-quality aluminium tracks, essentially giving you a brand new sliding door track for a fraction of the cost.

Sticky sliding glass doors are no match for the team at We Fix Sliding Doors! Offering expert technicians and an easy solution at a fraction of the cost of glass door replacement businesses, We Fix Sliding Doors are passionate about helping out their Melbourne locals. Get in touch with the team today!

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