We humans find ourselves in sticky situations all the time. Flat car battery when you’re out and about. Bank card isn’t working when we go to pay for groceries. Ice-cream melting faster than you can eat it on a hot day. And for every sticky situation we encounter, there’s almost always a solution to un-stick […]

When Mick Jagger is feeling a bit sore and tight and can’t do his signature dance moves while performing with the Stones, he takes some an Advil and keeps going. But strangely enough, when your sliding door has trouble moving, it can be a lot harder to fix. How on Earth is it easier to […]

Jams are the worst, aren’t they? Traffic jams. Finger-in-car-door jams. Your partner’s first attempt at making strawberry jam, which turned out horridly but they’re still enthused about, and planning to make more. Whenever you hear the word ‘jam’, it’s no wonder that you probably grimace. And adding to that list of negative connotations? A sliding […]

Is there anything more annoying than a sliding door that refuses to do its job properly and simply stay on its track? Just when you think you’ve sorted the problem by rejigging the door, you go to open it and you find it still won’t do the thing! Yep, it’s darn frustrating. But there’s an […]

Got a sliding door that’s as stubborn as a donkey and doesn’t want to latch or lock? Not only are you experiencing an incredibly frustrating situation, but you’re also opening yourself up to risk of invasion from ‘baddies’, which nobody has time for! If you’re in this boat and are worried about your sliding door […]

Sliding doors are like ninjas: if you can hear ‘em, they’re not doing their job properly! Ninjas are stealthy, smooth and reliable. They don’t alert their enemies and they certainly don’t kick up a fuss about doing their job. Your sliding door should be as close to a ninja as you can get. But if […]

Some tasks are just impossible, even if there’s a product on the market that says they can achieve it. Hair loss products, DVD scratch removers, and all of those silly exercise devices which promise weight loss by ‘not even lifting a finger’ are all basically a waste of money. But while you most likely won’t […]

Sliding doors are the best thing in the world when they’re working properly. Gliding across the tracks like butter, letting you enjoy your morning coffee outside in the sunshine, there’s nothing more satisfying than a solid sliding door. And when they’re not working, they’re a huge headache, jamming up and refusing to budge, or taking […]

Don’t you hate it when your toast falls butter-side down? Or when you can’t find the sticky end of the sticky tape? Or when you leave your phone on charge, only to discover an hour later that it wasn’t plugged in properly? All of these first-world problems are a walk in the park compared to […]

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