This is one happy family after Mum called Brett from We Fix Sliding Doors out to fix their immovable door. Another thumbs up for another great repair job

This customer was told to get theywould need to get a new sliding door. NO WAY! We Fix Sliding Doors came out, put down their Miracle Stainless Steel Cover Track, replaced the worn down rollers and realinged the door. When they left, this door was sliding like new. Saving this customer $1000’s

Another big thumbs up to add to our collection, we are almost at 200! After we came out, this customer can now access their court yard. “Good On Ya Mate!”

This house was build in the mid 80’s and time had taken it’s toll. We Fix came out and did their magic, and our customer reckons this door is a smooth operator now!

This grandmother had to open and shut the door for the grandkids. Now that We Fix Sliding Doors came out and put down the Miracle Track, the kids can open and shut the door themselves with only one finger. The handle now locks perfectly. Thanks We Fix!

This customer’s husband had a mate who said they’d come out on a Saturday afternoon and have a crack at fixing the sliding door. Fortunately this customer called We Fix Sliding Doors and we had it fixed in no time at all, sliding like brand new. The old door slides effortlessly. Don’t try and DIY your […]

This customer’s father was into his 90’s. No one at any age wants to put up with a stubborn sliding door, let alone in your 90’s. We Fix Sliding Doors game out and worked their magic. Now Dad can open and shut the door with ease!

This sliding door didn’t fit properly into the frame, leaving a gap for air and bugs to come through. We Fix Sliding Doors game over and put a new track down, added heavy duty rollers and then adjusted the sliding door to fit the frame, closing the gap. Now the door opens and shuts with […]

Brett fixed Shaun’s grinding sliding door. Now it opens and closes with just one finger. If you need your sliding door repaired, give Brett a call on 0404 863 243

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0404 863 243


0404 863 243


0404 863 243

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