Another job I can “tick off “ Big thanks to We Fix

Back verandah painted , sliding door fixed .. all good to go now !!!

Nightmare is over. No more nightmare of lifting the door all the way to open / close All fixed by We fix

Everybody is happy .. from Grandparents to Grandson

Don’t get a cowboy in to do a professional job .. We fix came out and did the job properly , fitted the right rollers , laid down the stainless steel cover track .. Resulting in trouble free Sliding door . Thanks guys

40 yr old Trimview sliding door , effortlessly opens up to the deck / pool area since We fix came

My Sons floor to ceiling,double sliding Stegbar doors are moving freely , without any effort .. thanks Team wefix

Can attend to my chilli plants since the wooden siding door has been fixed .. big thanks WeFix

No Midlife crisis for my 40 yr sliding door As we fix rejuvenated it Thanks guys

We Fix Sliding Doors


0404 863 243


0404 863 243


0404 863 243

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