28yr old door , received a “tickle over “ from wefix Runs like a Rippa Mate !! Double thumbs up for me

Luv It !!!!!One very happy Mother , three very happy daughtersOpen with the touch of my finger

Here’s to accessing the studio and swimming pool .. thanks We fix sliding doors .

Hi Brett. Mum wanted me to say thankyou for the job you did on her door and with.the extra problems with it…. she finds it easier to use and shuts well. Thankyou…sue

After getting their sliding door fixed, this mother’s daughter and dog can get out into the courtyard as easy as a single finger. Except the dog, they’ll still need help getting outside. But atleast now it’s not going to be a nightmare opening it. One happy mother is another happy customer.

We Fix Sliding Doors will put a smile on your dial. This client has spent the last 20 years getting an arm and shoulder workout trying to open their sliding door. Don’t put up with your sliding door not working properly, you don’t have to go for an expensive replacement when Brett can come out […]

If you are lucky enough to have some beautiful trees outside around your deck, how nice would it be to be able to out and enjoy it? Our client thought the same thing. We Fix Sliding doors came out, fixed that old, stuck sliding door, and now getting out on the deck is easy as […]

Everything breaks eventually, but how many people can undo 15 years worth of aging? Brett can. This smart son called We Fix Sliding doors out to come fix his fathers stuck old sliding door. Now dad is big time happy, and son is happy to have helped out his dad. One sliding door, two thumbs up! […]

Imagine being a prisoner in your own house! This sliding door was going no where. The rollers were grinded down, and destroying the track. After Brett came out and fixed the door, now yet another happy client can enjoy their patio, and enjoy a cool breeze whenever they like.  Has your sliding door got you imprisoned? […]

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0404 863 243


0404 863 243

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