Sliding Door Keeps Falling Off Track

Is there anything more annoying than a sliding door that refuses to do its job properly and simply stay on its track? Just when you think you’ve sorted the problem by rejigging the door, you go to open it and you find it still won’t do the thing!

Yep, it’s darn frustrating. But there’s an easy solution that doesn’t even involve wasting hours on YouTube DIY videos. Let’s talk to the team from We Fix Sliding Doors and see the possible causes for a sliding door that keeps falling off the track, and what we can do to fix it.

Loose screws

Your door might have a couple of loose screws which are causing it to lose its grip on the tracks. While it can be tricky to locate these screws yourself, it’s bread and butter for the guys at We Fix Sliding Doors. Their team can quickly remove your sliding door, check all structural screws and identify the problem immediately.

The tracks are worn

It’s not uncommon for your sliding door tracks to be worn down after a while, especially if it’s quite frequently used. When this happens, your door loses its grip to the tracks and will keep coming off, no matter how many times you think you’ve found the right groove again.

Most businesses will tell you that you need a $1000 track replacement when this happens – but that’s not necessarily true. We Fix Sliding Doors are able to work their sliding door magic and implement a Miracle Track Cover for under $300. Your door will slide open and shut as if it came right out of the shop!

Your door is bent

Thin-frame, aluminium flyscreen doors are far more prone to bending than solid steel glass sliding doors. Aluminium is a malleable metal, and it’s a lot more delicate than steel. All it takes is for the door to be opened improperly, or a pet to run into it, and your aluminium flyscreen door could be bent. Chat to We Fix Sliding Doors, who are more than happy to inspect your door and provide the best solution.

Call the guys at We Fix Sliding Doors in Melbourne, tell them you’ve got a sliding door that won’t stay in its tracks, and watch them work their magic on your sliding door… while saving thousands of dollars on a replacement. Don’t believe what the sliding door shops tell you: you can get your sliding door fixed! Get in touch with the pros at We Fix Sliding Doors to give your door the TLC it needs.

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