The Impact of a Broken Sliding Door on Home Safety

Any door that isn’t working properly presents a right, ol’ pain in the neck. From doors that squeak horribly when opening and shutting, to doors that don’t quite close properly, to bathroom doors that don’t have a lock on them (seriously?!), there’s never a good time for door problems.

And then, there’s the holy grail of frustrating door issues: a broken sliding door. *Cue the Mission Impossible theme*.

Broken sliding doors are annoying as heck, but there’s more to it than just that. They’re also a huge threat to your home’s safety.

Here, the legends at We Fix Sliding Doors explain the impact of a broken sliding door on home safety, and we getting it fixed, pronto, is the best way to go.

It’s a threat to physical safety

Pause the Olivia Newton John record, because opening and closing a sliding door shouldn’t make you ‘get physical’. In fact, it should be a walk in the park. If you need anything more than a single finger to open and close a sliding door, then you know you’ve got problems with it.

A broken sliding door can be a threat to your or your family’s personal safety. Physically struggling to open a broken sliding door can result in a back or shoulder injury, or it could result in the door becoming derailed – which, in itself, could lead to a whole bunch of problems like shattered glass, bent frames, or explosions. OK, we may have been exaggerating on that last one, but the other two are definitely possible.

It’s a threat to your security

A broken sliding door has an impact on the security of your home, too. Do you reckon that kid from Home Alone would’ve pulled off all his tricks if his sliding door wasn’t in ship-shape? Certainly not. Whether there’s a problem with the tracks, the rollers or the lock on your sliding door, home security is going to be compromised by it.

Contact the team at We Fix Sliding Doors to solve all your broken sliding door troubles

Personal safety and home security are at risk if you’ve got a broken sliding door. That’s it’s best to beef up your home’s safety and security by calling the team at We Fix Sliding Doors!

We Fix Sliding Doors is a pretty self-explanatory business name, right? You have a sliding door; they fix it. We Fix Sliding Doors have seen all kinds of glass door problems, and solved them fast, effectively and affordably. Just call the team, chuck the kettle on and watch them work their magic on your sliding door… while saving thousands of dollars on a replacement. Sliding door retailers aren’t telling the truth when they say you need a replacement. Get in touch with the pros at We Fix Sliding Doors to give your door the TLC it needs.

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