What Makes A Sliding Door Hard To Slide?

Contrary to how you may be feeling in the moment, a sliding door doesn’t just become difficult to slide just to spite you… although we understand that being a home or business owner, it can certainly feel like spite at times! Just ask Basil Faulty from Faulty Towers how he might feel.

The real reason behind your sliding door troubles is simple. It could be a broken mechanism, something blocking the way, or a structural issue with your door. Here, the glass door gurus at We Fix Sliding Doors tell us what makes a sliding door so hard to slide.

Debris in the tracks

One of the culprits which makes a sliding door hard to slide is debris which blocks your sliding door tracks. Over time, debris can accumulate in many shapes and forms: from regular dirt and dirt, to hair, to food scraps, to pebbles that get caught in your shoes and deposited into the tracks when you come inside.

Debris can be difficult to clean out, and it requires the sliding glass door to be removed in order to achieve a deep, effective clean. We Fix Sliding Doors clean every set of sliding door tracks anyway, so if the problem turns out to be a broken roller, rather than a excess debris, you’ll still gain some sparkling clean tracks.

Roller troubles

Roller troubles are the next biggest cause of sliding doors becoming hard to slide. Let’s pretend it’s the 1980s and you’re really into rollerblading and that song Born to Be Alive by Patrick Hernandez. Your rollerblades work just fine until one of your wheels gets jammed, making you trip over and ruin your perm. This is exactly what happens to your sliding door roller when one of your rollers stops working (without the 80s hair or cheesy disco music).

Replacing the rollers is a simple enough task for your sliding door repair team. The door is removed, the old rollers are taken off and replaced with a brand new set of high quality ones.

Bent tracks

If your sliding door tracks aren’t perfectly straight, then your door can become incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to slide. Bent or warped tracks may seem like a huge job to fix, but not for the guys at We Fix Sliding Doors. They place a new, stainless steel Miracle Track Cover over your old tracks so that your door slides better than ever. For a matter of a few hundred bucks, you get a brand new track, saving you thousands on a door and track replacement.

No matter the reason behind your sliding door being hard to slide, there’s one simple solution – call the folks at We Fix Sliding Doors. As Melbourne’s premier team for sliding door repairs, they’re determined to fix your door without replacing it, sparing you bills of over $1500 if you were to go to a sliding door retailer for a replacement. Get in touch with the team at We Fix Sliding Doors and slide your troubles away.

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