Why Is It Difficult To Latch Or To Lock My Door?

Got a sliding door that’s as stubborn as a donkey and doesn’t want to latch or lock? Not only are you experiencing an incredibly frustrating situation, but you’re also opening yourself up to risk of invasion from ‘baddies’, which nobody has time for!

If you’re in this boat and are worried about your sliding door not being able to lock, then this is the post for you. Let’s chat with the guys at We Fix Sliding Doors and see what’s going on with your lock mechanism:

Your latch mechanism is broken

After years of hard work, it may be the case that your latch has decided to hang up the boots and call it a day. Most sliding doors have simply-designed, robust locking mechanisms, but that’s not to say that they’re indestructible. Even the best sliding door locks are prone to failing in old age.

This is a pretty big security problem for your house and you need to get it fixed as soon as possible – fixing it on the same day it breaks is ideal. It’s not like that noise your car is making which you can simply turn up the radio to block out; door locks need to be fully functional all the time for safety and security. Get in touch with We Fix Sliding Doors if your latch or lock has given up!

There’s debris blocking the way

It’s also possible that your door is difficult to latch or lock due to debris in your tracks. It’s normal for debris to build up in your tracks over time; leaves, grass and the dreaded gumnut can blow in from the outside and get caught in your door tracks.

If it’s difficult to latch your door because it gets jammed up and impossible to move, then it could be down to debris. We Fix Sliding Doors are able to remove your door, clean out the tracks and make it as if it were brand new again.

What to do if your sliding door won’t lock

  • Don’t call a locksmith It’s most likely not a problem that a locksmith can solve. While locksmiths are fantastic for getting you out of trouble when you’ve locked yourself out of the house, sliding doors aren’t their speciality, as there could be other factors affecting your locking mechanism.
  • Call We Fix Sliding Doors instead You need a professional sliding door technician who understands how these mechanisms work. That’s where We Fix Sliding Doors can help!

Servicing Melbourne and surrounds, We Fix Sliding Doors are your local heroes who are committed to saving you thousands on your sliding door repairs. Their team of specialist technicians can solve any lock problem on your sliding door, giving you the security and peace of mind you need. Grab a quote from We Fix Sliding Doors today!

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