Why Is My Door Track Grinding?

Sliding doors are like ninjas: if you can hear ‘em, they’re not doing their job properly! Ninjas are stealthy, smooth and reliable. They don’t alert their enemies and they certainly don’t kick up a fuss about doing their job.

Your sliding door should be as close to a ninja as you can get. But if it’s making a horrible grinding sound, then it’s far from being stealthy or smooth.

Your sliding door may be grinding for a number of reasons, and there are a few ways to get it ‘back on track’… if you’ll excuse the pun.

Here, we consult the legends at We Fix Sliding Doors and give you the lowdown on why your door track is grinding.

There’s something jammed in it

Does your voice ever sound different when you have a cold? A little raspier or nasally maybe? This is because you’re jammed up, or congested, with phlegm which doesn’t allow air to pass through your nose and throat properly. Imagine your sliding door track is your voice and random debris is the phlegm that jams it up – that could be what’s causing the grinding sound.

Instead of putting your sliding door on antibiotics, there’s a different remedy which the door doctors at We Fix Sliding Doors often prescribe – and that’s to remove the door, see what’s causing the jam and clean it out. Then, your doors tracks should run smooth as can be.

They’re worn out

Got a favourite pair of jeans that you’ve worn time and time again, but refuse to let go of? Sadly, they can’t last forever and it’s probably time they got retired. Your sliding door tracks may be making a grinding sound for the same reason; they’re worn out and they’ve simply had enough.

Tracks are naturally made to fit the size of your sliding door and when they’re worn down, they can create that metal-to-metal grinding sound which probably makes you wince and clench your teeth. We Fix Sliding Doors are expertly trained in placing their Miracle Track Cover right over the top of your worn out tracks, essentially creating a fresh new one.

They’re damaged

If your sliding door track has been bent, warped or obviously damaged in some other way, the team at We Fix Sliding Doors can help. Their Miracle Track Cover is used for door tracks of this description, so there’s nothing to fret over!

Servicing Melbourne and surrounds, We Fix Sliding Doors are your local heroes who are committed to saving you thousands on your sliding door repairs. Don’t do what the other sliding door repairers tell you, which is to replace it for a small fortune… grab a quote from We Fix Sliding Doors today and slide away the others!

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