Why Is My Sliding Door So Hard To Open And Close?

Sliding doors are the best thing in the world when they’re working properly. Gliding across the tracks like butter, letting you enjoy your morning coffee outside in the sunshine, there’s nothing more satisfying than a solid sliding door.

And when they’re not working, they’re a huge headache, jamming up and refusing to budge, or taking two Olympic weightlifters to get the dang thing open.

If your sliding door is super hard to open and close, we’ve got good news for you: there’s no need to panic. Just take a couple of deep breaths, and read the rest of this post by the experts at We Fix Sliding Doors.

There’s debris in the way

Your sliding door is like a train on its tracks. It’s supposed to go smoothly in one direction, and smoothly in the other. If something is blocking the way of the train tracks, there’s no way for the train to avoid it. This is the same case with your sliding door.

Random debris can accumulate in your sliding door track over time. This could mean anything like dirt, leaves, hair and everything in between. If it’s big enough for you to notice it, then it’s big enough to jam your sliding door. A professional sliding door technician can easily solve this by removing your door, cleaning the tracks and putting it back on to make it run like new.

It’s insufficiently lubricated

There are many mechanisms that need lubrication to do their job properly. Whether we’re talking about your door hinges or your car engine, lubrication is key to their operations. Same thing goes with sliding doors: if there’s insufficient lubrication, chances are it’ll be pretty hard to open and close.

We Fix Sliding Doors know exactly where your sliding door needs to be lubricated in order to make it run smoothly on its tracks. They use high quality door lubricant to get the job done.

The track is bent

One of the more serious problems regarding sliding doors is when the track is bent. Lots of sliding door retailers will say you need a whole new track and door when this is the case, costing you thousands of dollars. But this simply isn’t true! We Fix Sliding Doors offer their Miracle Track Cover which goes over the top of your existing track and makes it brand new again. The cost of this service is literally a fraction of a sliding door replacement.

The wheels are broken

Imagine driving somewhere with four flat tyres. Wouldn’t be getting very far, would you! If your sliding door has broken wheels, it can be incredibly hard to open and close. This job is a synch for the guys at We Fix Sliding Doors, who can change over wheels quicker than Daniel Riccardo’s Formula 1 team.

We Fix Sliding Doors make your door problems disappear. Servicing Melbourne and surrounds, We Fix Sliding Doors can guarantee that you’ll save money by repairing your door, instead of replacing it. Don’t listen to the sliding door shops when they tell you that you need a costly replacement! Just get in touch with We Fix Sliding Doors and make the most of their expertise today.

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