Miracle Track Sliding Door Repair

The new range of Miracle Stainless Steel Cover Tracks can be used over damaged sliding door tracks to restore new life.

This is an easy and cost effective lifetime solution. Unlike aluminium, the Miracle track is tough and will last the lifetime of your home. We Fix Sliding Doors are Melbourne’s authorised installers of the Miracle Stainless Steel Cover Tracks. Installing these tracks will breathe new life into your old, hard to slide doors. You don’t need to pay thousands to replace your existing sliding doors, when you can have it fixed in 1-2 hours.

Perth inventor Paul G Smith came up with the perfect solution to fix sliding doors. The stainless steel track is much stronger than the aluminium most sliding doors are made from. Sliding Door repair is much cheaper than paying someone to replace it. Paul G Smith has over 40 years experience in the building industry, initially as a carpenter, as well as gaining experience in other building industries.

There are seven different types of tracks that we can use to fix your sliding door. These vary by radius, so they fit the existing door carriage, the depth of the existing track, and then the thickness of the overall existing track. This level of flexibility means there is no sliding door in Melbourne that we can’t fix.

Why get We Fix Sliding Doors to fix your sliding door?

There are authorised installers all over Australia. We Fix Sliding Doors are the authorised installers for Melbourne.


Why is my door sticking?

Overtime, debris builds up and will damage the plastic wheels on your sliding door. These have an average life of 3-4 years. The sliding door wheels wear flat and the door starts sliding on them, instead of rolling. If this is not repaired, the wheel will eventually wear down to the metal hub, and then start cutting into the actual frame of your sliding door. We can repair almost any type of sliding door installed in Australia. The Miracle Track is designed to fit all of these. Once we are finished, your door should slide better than new.

We Fix Sliding Doors

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