Sliding Door Repair Testimonials

100's of succesful sliding door repairs

We've had literally 100's of our customers give us glowing reviews for our sliding door repair services in Melbourne. If you've got a stuck sliding door, give us a call and we can fix it for, don't waste your money replacing it.

Operates Like New

30 year old door operates like a new one , highly recommend We Fix Sliding Doors


Opens Effortlessly

My double sliding doors were dragging and eating away at the rail track, now with the miracle track cover and rollers, the doors open effortlessly


Locked Wheels

Floor to ceiling double glazed door very hard to move, wheels locked . after We Fix Sliding Doors was finished it was working like new


Slides Like New

Door slides like new


Great Service

Arrived on time, job well done, very pleased


Freely Opens

My husband attempted to “ fix the door” only to find that he couldn’t get the door out . We Fix Sliding Doors came out, and did what they do best resulting in the door opens freely 


Heavy Double Glazed Doors

Heavy double glazed door stuck ,going nowhere, We Fix Sliding Doors came , replaced the track system and rollers .Big thanks from a little lady who can open  her door effortlessly 


Back Wrenching

No more leaning,  wrenching my back to open sliding door. Thanks We Fix Sliding Doors


Thumbs Up

Big thumbs up for me, can get outside to the patio area enjoying the bbq/ entertainment without fighting the door


Huge Difference

We Fix Sliding Doors came and done our 3 doors , huge difference , highly recommend


It's A Mircale

What a miracle ,  had to see it t believe it .. stainless steel track and rollers , in the good books with my wife.


Happy Customers